The Eyelashes You've Been Waiting For !

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NO GLUE OR EYELINER-Made from the latest technology, wearing Reusable Self Adhesive Eyelashes doesn't require any glue or eyeliner. Stickness between eyelashes and your skin is activated by body heat.-

They adopted our eyelashes!

  • Nadia T..

    This is a great find to imagine yourself for any celebration. I order 4 times. Satisfied. Do not spend on building up 2000 rubles. I had enough eyelashes to use five times.

  • Magan T..

    I really like the lashes. They were very easy to apply and really looked good on. They are so natural looking. They looked like my natural lashes instead of extensions the way some lashes look. I am very pleased with my order and will be ordering again.. Good bye mascara and hello Jesiibel lashes

  • Sterline J..

    I love your eyelash presentation very muchThey are very cute I like so exactly the eyelashes that are noticed natural, excellent purchase everything and its super fast shipping.


    The lashes in exquisite packaging, suitable for birthday gifts thanksgiving gifts christmas gifts valentine's day gifts mother's day gifts girlfriend gifts birthday gifts for women


    The Eyelashes can be used for many times with proper use and storage. Just put them back to their own storage rack. You can rinse it with warm water if needed and dry it with gentle warm hair from the hairdryer.


    Made of premium synthetic fibers, the Self-Stick Eyelashes just like your very own eyelashes, which can help you look more beautiful without feeling like you are wearing false eyelashes.

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